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Long Live the Prince
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Severus is alive and well...join the revolution!
Okay so whether or not you believe he is dead, Severus will always live in our hearts. So take a picture of yourself with a little sign saying...Severus Snape Lives!(Or something similar) and post it on the community to show your support/respects for Severus.

Perhaps with enough support from the fandom itself we can consider Severus not to be dead. Perhaps even turn it into canon. A very revolutionary idea on its own, a dream even, but who cares.

Also You can post pictures of your self with Snape at exotic locales and stuffs...and prehaps write a lil' ficlet about it, but its not required.

Rule(s): common courtesy and respect to everyone in the group. And please don't post anything that you couldn't show your parents or grandparents..I figure that's a good rule of thumb!

You do NOT have to put pictures under a cut, However, if it is ridiculously huge then resize it or just put it under a cut...but otherwise its okay don't worry so much about it.

Anything else? Just ask if you got any questions, I'm only a click away!

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